LED Street Light

Model: ZY8703 series

Wattage: 50W to 250W

IP Code: IP65

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This product is widely used as road lighting in factory roads, highways at all levels, and urban roads.


■ The lamp light source adopts modular design, and the light source module can be quickly replaced on site without welding.
■ The heat dissipation system adopts aluminum alloy material with high thermal conductivity and a semi-closed and transparent heat dissipation structure to ensure efficient heat conduction, radiation and convection.
■ The lamps have high anti-corrosion and anti-vibration capabilities, and are suitable for coastal and various harsh
industrial plant roads.
■ Use high-end brand aluminum shell plastic-sealed outdoor special power supply, wide input range, constant current and constant voltage output, high power factor, high efficiency, dualstage PFC, anti-lightning surge, to ensure long-term stable and efficient output of the lamp.

Main specification

Technical Parameters
Input voltage (V)
Rated frequency
50Hz / 60Hz
Light source
Life time (h)
Ra 70
5000K(3000K/ 4000K optional)
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