• Emergency LED Light
  • Emergency LED Light
  • Emergency LED Light
  • Emergency LED Light

Emergency LED Light

Model: ZY8810

Wattage: 12W, 6W

IP Code: IP65

Ambient temp.: -25℃ to +50℃ 

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This product is ideal to use as floodlight or emergency lighting in workshops, warehouses, trenches, tunnels and some other public places.

1. Automatic emergency: after power failure automatically switch to battery-powered lamps provide continuous lighting after power failure.
2. Manual emergency: after power failure lamps do not automatically switch to battery power, you need to toggle through external switch or push-button switch on the lamp.
3. Normal lighting + emergency lighting: usually can be used as ordinary lamps, power failure, used to provide emergency lighting.
4. Emergency lighting: provide emergency lighting at the time of the accident. With power failure simulation test function, you can quickly test fixture installation functionality.
5. Pure emergency lighting function: Press the red switch on the lamp when power is on, and then switch to pure emergency mode after extinguishing the light source (only emergency lighting is provided).
6. American Lumileds light source, the overall lighting efficiency is as high as 100lm / W, which is more than 60% energy saving compared with metal halide lamps.
7. Efficient radiators effectively solve the problem of LED light decay caused by temperature rise.
8. The shell is made of light alloy material, which is wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, waterproof, and dustproof.
9. The transparent parts are made of optical PC materials, with high light transmittance and good impact resistance, which can make the lamps work normally in various harsh environments.
10. The emergency power supply uses a lithium battery, which is safe, efficient, and has a long service life.

Main specification

Technical Parameters
Type ZY8810-L12
Input voltage (V)
Rated frequency
50Hz / 60Hz
Life time (h)
5000K(3000K/ 4000K optional)
Time of recharge (h)
Rated capacity
Battery recharge cycle
Dimension (mm)
Net weight (kg)

Ordering reference

Model number
wattage (W)
wattage (W)
duration (h)
Light output
of light source(lm)
height (m)

Equivalent to

Fluorescent lamp

ZY8810-L12 12W 6W >10h 1800 2~5 28W
ZY8810-L6 6W 4W >10h 900 18W

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