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  • LED Explosion Proof Flashlight
  • LED Explosion Proof Flashlight
  • LED Explosion Proof Flashlight
  • LED Explosion Proof Flashlight

LED Explosion Proof Flashlight

Model: BW7500A, BW7500B

Wattage:5W, 3W

IP Code: IP67

Ex Code: Ex d IIC T6

Ambient temp.: -20℃ to +50℃ 

Standard: GB3836.1, GB3836.2

IEC60079-1: 2007,MOD

Consulting Products Information

This product is developed to meet the market demand for high-brightness small energy-saving lighting fixtures. It can safely and reliably provide mobile lighting for fire protection, power, industrial and mining enterprises and other flammable and explosive places.

1. BW7500 A/B built-in dual-mode control chip can choose lighting mode according to actual needs。
2. Lightweight, high brightness, long irradiation distance。
3. Side switch and barrel anti-skid groove design, flexible and convenient to use.
4. Equip

ped with a hand-held safety rope and strap to prevent injury from falling hands.
5. Side transparent front cover design to prevent accidental discharge.
6. 1-meter drop has no effect, normal working in low-temperature environment.
7. American cree light source, high brightness and long life time.

Main specification

Description Unit BW7500A BW7500B
Model 1 Model 1
Model 1
Model 1
Power W 5 3
Rated voltage
V 3.7
Rated capacity of battery
mA 5200
Luminous (High)l lm ≥430 ≥290
Luminous (Low)
lm ≥180
High intensity lighting time h ≥4
Low intensity lighting time
h ≥10 ≥10
Time of charging h 8-10 8-10
Effective distance m 450
250 120
Service life of bulb h 100,000
Service life of battery Recycled 1000
Dimension mm φ40X 210
Net weight g 300
Note: BW7500 When the light is on, press and hold for 2 seconds and immediately press the switch twice to switch between mode 1 and mode 2.

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