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  • High Power SMD LED Explosion proof Floodlight
  • High Power SMD LED Explosion proof Floodlight
  • High Power SMD LED Explosion proof Floodlight
  • High Power SMD LED Explosion proof Floodlight

High Power SMD LED Explosion proof Floodlight

Model: BC9102S Series

Specializing in industrial lighting research and development, production and sale of the national high-tech enterprises

Wattage: 30W to 300W

ZONE 1/ 2; ZONE 21/ 22

Temperature class: T1 to T6

IP Code: IP66

Certification:  db eb mb II C T4/ T5/ T6 Gb

                         tb  IIIC T130 ℃/  T95 ℃/ T80 ℃  Db

Ambient temp: -40℃ to +40℃/55

ATEX Cert No.: SEV 21 ATEX 0500 X

IECEX Cert No.: IECEx SEV 21.0002X

Consulting Products Information


1. This product is widely used as work lighting in dangerous places such as petroleum exploration, oil refining, chemical industry, and power plants;
2. Applicable to places with high humidity and corrosion protection;
3. Suitable for explosive gas or dust environment zone 1, zone 2, or zone 21, zone 22;
4. Suitable for IIA, IIB, IIC explosive gas environment;
5. Suitable for temperature group T1~T6 group;
Applicable ambient temperature is -40℃ ~ +40℃/ +55℃.


■ The lamp adopts modular design, and the module can be quickly replaced without welding on site;
■ The lamp housing is made of copper-free aluminum, anodized or sprayed with high-grade anti-corrosive plastic powder. The mounting bracket and standard parts are made of SUS304 stainless steel, which can be used in high corrosive environments for a long time;
■Adopt a unique heat dissipation structure, semi-closed and transparent heat dissipation structure to ensure efficient heat conduction, radiation and convection, so as to ensure the service life of the LED;
■The illumination is uniform within the illumination range of the lamp, and the illumination angle is 80X100 degrees, which fully utilizes the light;
■ The protection level reaches IP66, which can effectively resist heavy rain;
■Can be connected in parallel, eliminating the junction box and installation costs;
■The light source adopts international brands, the whole light efficiency is greater than 125lm/W, and the power consumption is only 40% of the metal halide lamp;
■All key components of the power supply adopt world-renowned brands, which are efficient and stable;
■ The bracket and standard parts could be customized by 316 stainless steel, which can be used in anti-corrosion environments such as offshore platforms for a long time.

Technical Specification

Rated voltage

120~277VAC ( 30W~60W/100W/120W/


50Hz / 60Hz


70 (80 optional)


5000K (3000K/ 4000K optional)

Screw Thread

M20×1.5(G1/2", G3/4", NPT1/2, NPT3/4", M25×1.5)

Drawing of dimension (Dimensions in mm)

BC9102S drawings

Ordering reference

Model number/
module number
output (lm)
Net weight
height ratio

Replace to

Metal Halide Lamp

BC9102S-L60/ 1
60 7600 5 1.4 5~8



BC9102S-L100/ 2
100 12675 8.3 8~12



BC9102S-L120/ 2
120 14803 250W~400W
BC9102S-L150/ 3
150 18675 12.4 10~15 464(L)X338(W)X93(H)
BC9102S-L180/ 3
180 22409 400W~600W
BC9102S-L240/ 4
240 28035 15.8 15~20 587(L)X338(W)X93(H)
BC9102S-L300/ 5
300 38025 19.5 15~20 711(L)X338(W)X93(H)

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