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LED Explosion-proof Work Light with Flood/Spot model

Model: BW3210 New type

Wattage: 30W

IP Code: IP66

Ex Code: Ex d IIC T6

CNEX certification

Consulting Products Information

This product is suitable for accident repair, engineering construction and various flammable and explosive places as portable lighting.

1. Freely switch between spotlight and floodlight modes, when the lamp is working, press and hold the switch for 5 seconds to switch;
2. Foldable handle, suitable for towing comfortably during moving;

3. The projection angle of the lamp head can be adjusted freely within the range of 360 degrees horizontally and 135 degrees of pitch.

You can also remove the lamp head and hold the lamp head at any angle for illumination;

4. The lamp head can be adjusted freely within the height range of 1.7 meters by inserting the lifting rod,

or can be freely adjusted within the height range of three meters with a tripod;

5. The light source adopts the famous brand, and the battery uses the Japanese Panasonic long-life battery,

which can effectively guarantee the life of the product;

6. Protection grade reaches IP66, can effectively resist heavy rain;

7. Press and hold for 3 seconds to automatically detect the power, flash 5 times for full power,

flash 4 times for 80% power, and so on.

Main specification

Rated Voltage
Rated capacity
Rated wattage (High)
W 30 30
Rated wattage (Low)
W 15 15
Beam angle
Degree 3 95
Lighting output (High) lm 3088 2485
Lighting output (Low)
1373 1244
Effective range (High) m 320 44
Effective range (Low)
m 220 26
Continuous Lighting time (High) h 13 13
Continuous Lighting time (Low)
h 28 28
Average of life time h 100,000
Time of Charging h ≥8
Service life of battery
mm 255×250×610
Net weight
Kg 10.5

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