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  • Explosion proof LED Tube Light
  • Explosion proof LED Tube Light
  • Explosion proof LED Tube Light

Explosion proof LED Tube Light

Model: BC5401 Series

Specializing in industrial lighting research and development, production and sale of the national high-tech enterprises

Wattage: 2X10W / 2X20W 

ZONE 1/ 2; ZONE 21/ 22

Temperature class: T1 to T5

IP Code: IP66

Certification:  Ex d e op is IIC T5 Gb

                        Ex op is tb IIIC T95 ℃ Db

Ambient temp.: -40℃ to +55℃ 

ATEX Cert No.: INERIS 15ATEX0052X 

IECEX Cert No.: IECEx EUT 16.0014X

Consulting Products Information


It can be widely used in petrochemical plants, oil platforms, oil pump housing, transit stations and other flammable and explosive places as fixed lighting.


1. It is made using a special aluminum housing, suitable for long-term highly corrosive environment of offshore platforms, chlor-alkali, hydrogen sulfide, etc.
2. Derrick mounting fixture adopt high anti-corrosive aluminum and locking angle equipment, can be safely used in drilling platforms and high vibration environment.
3. The shell adopts high-tech surface spraying technology, wear-resistant, and anti-corrosion, waterproof and dustproof, suitable for various harsh environments.
4. Bracket, reflector, guard, and all exposed fasteners adopt 304 stainless steel (customizable 316), can effectively guarantee the strength and strong anti-corrosion performance of lamp.
5. Terminals are provided at both ends, can be directly wired in parallel, eliminating the junction box and installation costs.
6. A variety of installation as optional: ceiling, oil derrick, the side walls, curved rods, boom, etc.

Technical Specification


Technical specification

Rated power

2*25W(T8 led tube)

2*20W(T8 led tube)

2*10W(T8 led tube)

Input voltage range


Input frequency

50Hz/ 60Hz

Light source


Light efficiency flux



> 1800lm


>Ra 70

Service life




Screw Thread

G3/4", NPT3/4", M25*1.5


Multi-core wire:≤2.5mm2

Single-core wire:≤4mm2


1390* 180* 110mm

1390* 180* 110mm

780* 180* 110mm

Net weight

11 Kg

11 Kg


Drawing of dimension (Dimensions in mm)

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