High Bay Light

Model: ZY8510A Series

Wattage: 250W, 400W

IP Code: IP65

Ambient temp.: -20℃ to +40℃

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Suitable for steel mills, power plants, warehouses, workshops and other places lighting.


1. The products use 250W metal halide lamp, which can replace traditional 400W metal halide lamps, energy saving of nearly 40%.
2. After accurate optical reflector design, 80% of the light is reflected to invest only after the first face, brightness uniformity, no bright spots, no dark areas; not only solve the technical problems that conventional reflector exists bright spots and dark areas, but also solve the common problem as the low light efficiency of sand surface lamp; light efficiency is far more than traditional specular reflector lamps, lighting uniformity better than sand surface reflector lamps.
3. The inner surface of the reflector is coated with a high temperature resistant coating which has high reflectivity, also adopts a special oxidation treatment, brightness increased by 2 times higher than ordinary lamps.
4. The light source adopts international famous brand, reliable performance, 20% higher brightness than similar products. Long average life time, eliminating trouble and inconvenience about frequent replacement of light bulbs.
5. Humanized light body design, snap-on electrical box can be opened with hands, easy installation and maintenance.
6. High strength aluminum alloy housing, adopt special sealing and surface electrostatic spray process, with good dust-proof, waterproof, anti-corrosion, non-rust.

Main specification

Input Voltage

220VAC 50Hz

Rated frequency


Life time of light source (h)

12, 000

Light source

Metal Halide Lamp

Leading-in cable diameter

Φ8mm -Φ10mm



Net Weight


Ordering reference

Ordering Reference

Rated Wattage (W)

Light Output (lm)

Space height ratio

Mounting height (m)









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